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Single Event Packages

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Single Event Packages

Our semi managed service includes an account manager to work with you  to train on our comprehensive online video platform, setting up LIVE webcast, provide remote support for pre-event testing and will provide direct support during your webcast.  If requested , We will also provide FREE Hardware appliance for Live encoding. Your Channel will be created on MonetizeMedia’s ONLINE Video platform which will give you access to ALL of our platform's features like  Content Management, video player framework, publishing, monetization , syndication, aggregation etc. for more about MonetizeMedia platform features, click here.


Our fully managed service includes everything from the semi managed service plus ON Site staff.  We will send an experienced LIVE Streaming producer on site to manage the webcast, run the encoder, integrate with the AV firm and integrate with the venue connectivity.  We will also provide professional services to setup your branded media channel and integrate with your website.    Checked    Checked

Features Single Event Semi manage Package

Single Event Package
with Fully Professional managed ON-SITE services

Checked = Supported Feature
Dollar = Fee Applies
Create your event's Video channel with end to end solution for Live Streaming and On demand needs Create your event's Video channel with end to end solution for Live Streaming and On demand needs   
Your Branded Live Internet TV Channel Checked Checked
Media Management
Comprehensive Content Management  Checked Checked
Live Video Streaming Checked Checked
Live Stream Acquisition You managed live stream encoding   on-site producer for live encoding 
On Demand Video Checked Checked
Live Webcasting Management Checked Checked
Media Format Checked Windows Media /Checked Flash  Checked Windows Media /Checked Flash   
Browser Based Uploads Checked Checked
Client Based FTP Uploads Checked Checked
Standard Video Metadata Checked Checked
Multiple Dynamic Video Playlists 5 5
Live Event Scheduling Checked Checked
Multi Live Webcasting Sources Checked Checked
Live Video Archive Checked  Checked
Multiple Users and Groups Management Layer Checked Checked
End User registration modules Checked Checked
Email Notifications & Alerts Checked Checked
Video Transcoding Dollar Dollar
Additional Customized Features Dollar  Dollar
Custom Branded Video Players
Standard Player Templates Checked Checked
Advanced Player Styling Controls Checked Checked
Video Portal Templates Checked Checked
Web 2.0 Features and Drag & Drop Widgets  Checked Checked
Dynamic Delivery Checked Checked
Windows Media / Silverlight /Flash  Playback Checked Checked
Player Branding & Customization Checked Checked
Live Streaming Playback Checked  Checked
Windows Media Player Checked Checked
JW Player Checked Checked
Open Video Player Checked Checked
Monetize Media Player Checked Checked
Multiple Player Skins Checked Checked
Custom Player Template Development Dollar Dollar
Controlled  Syndication Checked Checked
Viral  Syndication Checked Checked
Multi Server OS compatible Syndication code for Publishing Player and Video Portals Checked Checked
Syndication Manager Checked Checked
Video Distribution Rights/Access Management Checked Checked
Content Aggregation of Video Sharing Sites ( i.e. YouTube) Checked  Checked
Upload to YouTube Accounts Checked  Checked
Integration with YouTube Accounts Checked  Checked
Support for video from external web destination   Checked  Checked
Standard Reports Checked Checked
Dashboard & Graphs Checked Checked
MS Office Export Checked Checked
Advertising Checked Checked
3'rd Party Ad Network Integration (AdSense, AdBrite, DoubleClick) Checked Checked
Pre-Roll & Post-Roll Ad Support Checked Checked
Custom Ad Banner Support Checked Checked
Pay Per View Checked  Checked
Video Playlist Flat-Rate Pricing Checked  Checked
One Time Subscription Checked  Checked
Weekly Recurring Subscription Checked  Checked
Monthly Recurring Subscription Checked  Checked
Yearly Recurring Subscription Checked  Checked
Multiple Subscription Options for Channel Subscribers Checked  Checked
Integration With PayPal Accounts Checked  Checked
Custom Ad Network integration Dollar  Dollar
Hosting & Delivery
Hosted Video Channel Checked Checked
Tier 1 Content Delivery Network (CDN) Checked Checked
Additional CDN Integration   Dollar  Dollar
Professional  Managed Services
On-site producer for live encoding( up to 8 hrs)   Checked
Videographer services     Dollar
Professional services to  setup  branded media portal ( up to 8 hrs of services)   Checked
Dedicated Pre/Post event support ( up to 8 hrs)   Checked
Creation of event's video channel for 1 Month period  $1999 $3999
Setup Charge (One-time Only). $500 $500
Bandwidth 250 GB included ($.80/GB additional) 250 GB included ($.80/GB additional)
Storage 50 GB ($.80/GB additional) 50 GB ($.80/GB additional)
Rented Hardware  Encoder appliance for 2 business days Included   Included  
SoftwareEncoder (optional) $399 $399
On-demand Videos Unlimited Unlimited
Support Email Support Email and Phone support
Contract Terms 1 Month  1 Month 

Phone: 714.660.1345



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