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Pay-Per-View Video Streaming Services

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Pay-Per-View Live Video StreamingA Free Live Video Streaming Solution for Pay-Per-View Events, Sit back while your Content earns you Money

Pay-Per-View Live Video Streaming

You spend countless days, weeks, and months planning and developing rich, multi-media content, but don’t fully monetize and extend the value of your efforts. But don’t despair. Now, there’s an easy-to-use solution that enables you to maximize the PROFITS of your various professional video, webcasting and/or streaming events.

Start attracting new customers and increasing your revenue potential in hours or days, not weeks or months with Monetize Media’s Live Video Streaming Platform that’s a full-service system that provides everything you need for:

PAY-PER-VIEW - People will pay for quality content, unique content or creative expressions. Set-up a live or on-demand pay-per-view “channel” that can expire after any number of plays or a specific time, or even at a certain time after first use.

INTEGRATED CREDIT CARD PROCESSING - Our eCommerce edition includes the ability to create custom storefronts with integrated credit card processing in just a few clicks of a mouse.

LIVE AND ON-DEMAND VIDEOS – Provision for BOTH live and on-demand video service included.

UNIQUE, TURN-KEY SYSTEM - From start to finish, we provide everything for you. Simply add the Pay-Per-View function to your Live or On-Demand account, and you can easily set up your own Pay-Per-View program. Then sit back as your content earns you money.

NO RISK, VALUE PROPOSITION - We do not charge you any money upfront like our competitors. We partner with you and provide you the all-in-one Video Streaming technology platform services and also take care of the bandwidth and storage on a Tier 1 CDN. You get 60% of ALL the revenues while we retain 40% of revenue share to cover our costs. No more headaches, you just get money for your content.

Pay-per-view technology allows you to easily sell online streaming video content. Why sell downloadable videos, or offer subscriptions to video galleries when you have more flexibility, control and profit with PAY-PER-VIEW?

Main PAY-PER-VIEW benefits are:
- Buyers won't be able to download and share the videos
- Buyers won't be able to share their access to the videos
- Instant streaming is used, so users can scroll fast forward and use other extra functionality



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