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With the evolution of live streaming video you can now watch a sporting event from virtually anywhere. People are watching games on their laptops, computers, and even mobile devices. Modern video technology now allows sports broadcasters, teams, coaches, players, family, and fans to stay connected 24/7.

Benefit from the power & effectiveness of real-time by broadcasting live games and empower your fans with the ability to watch games anytime, anywhere. There’s no reason to limit your audience reach geographically when you can reap the rewards of streaming live video on the web to anyone with an internet connection.

Build a loyal fan base and increase viewership by offering membership & subscription packages for your premium online video content. Attract new sponsors and increase partnership opportunities. Give coaches, trainers, recruits, and scouts a new medium to educate, reach, and inform. Build a community, captivate your audience, and generate a buzz around your live online sports videos.

  • Live Broadcasting of Sporting Events to anywhere in the world
  • Watch historical sporting events anywhere, anytime, with on demand videos
  • Several subscription options like daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly memberships
  • Create premium content, charge for access, and provide Pay Per View
  • Make money through ad space for relevant sports & community video ads
  • Generate revenue from sponsors & advertisers
  • Improve athlete awareness with scouting and recruitment opportunities
  • Build the local community around your league
  • Feature game highlights, results, scores, and game recaps
  • Integrate sports commentary & play by play with your video channels
  • League Presidents, Coaches, and Trainers can reach the entire league quickly
  • 24/7 access to all sporting events through on-demand videos


  • Simple setup & maintenance
  • Fully customizable video portal
  • Promote your team merchandise
  • Limit-Less audience reach
  • Total access for your fans & supporters
  • Coach your players through instructional videos
  • Train your coaches & staff over the internet
  • Create sponsorship opportunities
  • Unlock new income streams

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